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All our associates offer training for teachers, math coaches, curriculum specialists, administrators, as well as consulting on all Singapore Math® curricula and implementation. We Work for YOU and YOUR STUDENTS!

Meet Mike Reiners...Our Newest Trainer and Our High School Specialist

Mike is our newest trainer to join the team and  is our high school specialist. He is the K-12 Math/Science Department Chair and Co-Principal at a private school in St. Paul, MN. During his 25-year career as a teacher, Mike has taught every level of mathematics in grades 7-12, and provided coaching and tutoring throughout grades K-12.

Mike has previously served as Head Writer for the Minnesota State High School Mathematics League, and as the Head Coach of the Minnesota All-State Math Team. He has a wide variety of experience as a speaker, professional development facilitator, and curriculum writer both nationally and internationally.

Mike lives in St. Paul with his wife and three children, who regularly multiply his happiness. A fun fact about Mike...He has been on Wheel of Fortune & Who Wants to Be a Millionare?.  He is one of the "punniest" people you will ever meet.

Customized Singapore Math Professional Development

Sherri Adler, began teaching Singapore Math® in 2001, and has enjoyed teaching in public, private and charter school systems. Sherri holds a Master's Degree in Elementary Education and since 2007, she has trained numerous schools in the United States, Europe, Asia, Central America, and South America in their adoptions of Singapore Math® curriculum. She has worked with thousands of teachers to help them find the same love for mathematics that she possesses since she began providing professional development.

Sherri Adler has co-authored several books on the Singapore approach. Her publications include two Singapore Math® intervention programs and the official training manual for the State of California for Primary Mathematics Standards Edition. Sherri was one of the writers that developed the Pre-K and Kindergarten lessons for EngageNY (Eureka/Great Minds) a Common Core aligned curriculum. 

Sherri  continues to fill many lecture halls since she started presenting on the Singapore approach. You can currently find her lecturing for The Institute of Educational Development (IED), The Bureau of Education and Research (BER), and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). Check out our Current Lectures to see if Sherri will be in your neck of the woods.

Meet Emma...Our Middle School Specialist

Emma Devitt Rowlands is currently the Dean of Academics and Student Culture as well as the Singapore Math Coach and Interventionist for a Classical School in Miami. She has taught mathematics at elementary level from K-8. We however, consider Emma to be our middle-school specialist. She is amazing! Ms. Devitt has also worked with students with exceptional needs at university level. Her published work concerns the importance of math facts in elementary education, and she has both participated in and helped facilitate Singapore training in elementary schools in the USA. Emma was actively involved with writing the Florida's BEST Standards, which stands for the Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking. 

Emma holds an honors degree in pure mathematics and philosophy from the National University of Ireland – Cork. Students LOVE Emma & parents say they wish she was their teacher when they were in school. We are sure you will love her too!